Busty brunette London escort Ella likes it hot!

Imagine a hot, sexy brunette with long hair, a perfect body and a massive pair of DD tits… now imagine how she likes dressing up in sexy underwear and provocative clothing and going out on the town. Do you like what you see? Great – because I’m exactly that: a busty brunette London escort with an adventurous, open-minded personality and a great sense of humour. My name is Ella I’m smart, sophisticated and always very discrete.

My personally varies greatly: I can be demure, reserved and professional or I can be loud, bubbly and outgoing. This means I can be the perfect companion to a high-class business event or a fun-loving party girl accompanying you on a night out on the town.

I’ve attended many a formal business event and I can assure you that I’ll blow your colleagues away with my intelligence and wit. I can engage in any conversation and even if it’s a topic with which I am not familiar, I always offer an opinion that is well-received and respected.

If you’re in the mood for a night on the town instead I’ll slip on a small black dress that shows off my long legs and accentuates my large chest. If you want to be the envy of your friends you won’t be disappointed with what I deliver. I love any kind of party: whether a private house party or a rowdy night out visiting trendy London nightclubs. I’m open-minded so I’ll even be more than happy to accompany you to a burlesque show or something raunchier… like a sexy strip club. I can’t guarantee that I won’t want a lap-dance… so don’t be shy to offer! I just love it when another woman pushes my face in between her delicious breasts as she grinds me with her moist panties. This almost gets me in the mood to rip her little outfit off and go down on her… I can’t promise that hasn’t happened in the past but let’s just leave it at that!

I often have sexual fantasies and dreams that get me really hot and bothered. There was a particular fantasy I had that gave me an orgasm in my sleep. I woke up and my panties were soaked and my puffy nipples were rock-hard. It all has to do with double-penetration. After that particular dream I’ve tried it myself and since then I’ve had the most powerful orgasms of my life.

I would first start by massaging my large breasts, teasing my nipples with my fingers as they grow more erect. At this point the mere thought of what’s coming starts making my moist down-stairs. I would slip my fingers into the sides of my white lacy panties and peel them down to my feet. This allows me to really spread my legs wide. I can feel the hot moisture as I slip a finger between my swollen folds. The touch alone sends jolts of electricity throughout my body causing my nipples to become even stiffer. I usually have to bite down on my lip to stop myself from screaming out loud and alerting the neighbours. In case you didn’t notice: the hornier I get, the louder I get!

At this point I would be breathing heavily and arching my back as I slip a finger into my tight hole. After a few minutes of fingering myself with one finger I insert a second finger into myself. The tight feeling of my fingers stretching my cavern sends shivers down my spine as I start gasping and breathing more heavily. I continue ramming myself with my fingers for a few more minutes just before the point of no return. I then take a third finger and insert it right into my extremely tight ass. The feeling of being filled in both holes leaves me extremely horny and I reach an intense climax shortly after this. The orgasms are so strong sometimes that I’m still trembling for at least half an hour afterwards.

I’ve also experimented with sex toys: specifically the ones with a shaft for your pussy and a smaller shaft for your ass. I would then spread my legs wide, squirt some lube onto the toy and pound both of my holes with the vibrator. This results in a very quick orgasm that leaves me writhing and shaking for at least five minutes afterwards.

Even though I’ve used my fingers and toys to double-penetrate myself, I’ve never experienced it in real-life with another person. I’ve only ever fantasied or dreamed about it. Maybe, someday…

All this talk of sex has already made me really wet so I’m going to have to leave you now as I retreat to my bedroom. If you want to spend an unforgettable night with a busty London escort, call me right now. I’ll be waiting to blow your mind with an experience you will never ever forget!

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